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Yoga :
Note : This should be learnt and practised under
the guidance of qualified yoga teacher.
(i) Have a general knowledge about Yogasana as an indigenous system of exercise for the general health of
a person both in body and mind.
(ii) Should have practised yogasana regularly for atleast six months and show evidence of it.
(iii) Should be able to demonstrate correctly to the satisfaction of the examiner asanas as indicated below.
(a) Compulsory
(i) Padmasana (iii) Trikonasana
(ii) Utkatasana (iv) Vajrasana
(b) Optional : any 3 from each group.
(i) Gomukhasana (i) Supta Vajrasna
(ii) Pacchimottanasana (ii) Halasana
(iii) Naukasana (iii) Matsyasana
(iv) Chakrasana (iv) Bhujangasana
(v) Shavasana (v) Dhanurasana
(vi) Ushtrasana (vi) Mayurasana

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