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Tests for Rajya Puraskar Badge :

1. Ensure Proficiency in the tests undertaken up to Tritiya Sopan.

2. Hold Tritiya Sopan Badge

3. Earn Ambulance Man Badge.

4. Undertake overnight hike for ten kms, along with group of Scouts of his own Troop and submit report to the Scout Master within ten days. Or An overnight cycle hike for thirty kms along with group of Scouts of his own Troop and submit report to the Scout Master within ten days.

5. Work on one of the following for six Months and submit a report – Kitchen Garden/Roof Garden/ Hanging Garden/Nature Collection.

6. Mapping: Make a map by using any one of the method not done earlier: Plane Table or Triangulation or Road Traverse

7. Camp Craft:

  • A). Be able to pitch, strike and pack a Single/ Double fly tent.
  • B) Splicing – Eye / Back / Short – anyone not done earlier.
  • C) Make a Patrol Pioneering Project

8. Earn any three of the Proficiency Badges not earned earlier from among the given below: Sanitation Promoter, Public Health Man, Soil Conservator, Solar Energy Awareness, Safety Knowledge, Rural Engineer, Literacy, Community Worker, Rural Worker

9. Earn any two of the Proficiency Badges not earned earlier out of the following: Camper, Pioneer, Star man, Forester, Naturalist, Tracker, Electrician, Signaller, Cancer Awareness, Healthy Man, Nutrition Educator, Farmer, Dairy Man, Sea fisherman, Free Being Me.

10. Have knowledge about the BSG website and gain information about your Region.

Sea Scout
In addition to Rajya Puraskar test given above a Sea Scout will:

  • (1) Swim fifty metres by back and one other stroke.
  • (2) Dive and remain under surface for some time (1Min.).
  • (3) Learn rescue methods of saving a drowning person.
  • (4) Send and receive simple words by Semaphore method.
  • (5) Know about National flags of neighbour countries.
  • (6) Know atleast three navigational stars.

Air Scout
In addition to Rajya Puraskar tests, an Air Scout will:

  • (i) Make atleast two dummy aero models different types of Aircrafts.
  • (ii) Know about Air-Fields. Signal modes.
  • (iii) Plan and prepare a model of an Air Field.
  • (iv) Mark on a National map Air-fields/ Aerodromes in the country.

Note :

(i) Rajya Puraskar Badge consists of the emblem of the Bharat Scouts & Guides at the bottom, the Ashoka Chakra at the top, and word ‘SEVA’ in Devanagari script in the centre surrounded by a laurel. Rajya Puraskar Badge shall be worn in place of the Tritiya Sopan Badge.

(ii) The Badge is issued on the basis of certificate issued by independent examiners appointed by the Local / District Badge Committee.

(iii) Scouts who have already earned the qualifying Badges will have to attend a Rajya Puraskar Testing Camp organised by the State Association under the supervision of the State Organising Commissioner (S) where the knowledge and skills of the Scout will be retested after being qualified in the State testing Camp, the Scout will be eligible for the award of Rajya Puraskar Badge and Certificate.

(iv) The State Chief Commissioner who is the final authority to grant Rajya Puraskar shall issue from time to time suitable directives in respect of badge, tests etc. and ensure proficiency of knowledge and skills upto Tritiya Sopan Badge and Proficiency Badges.

(v) This award is presented by the Governor or Patron/President of the State Association on the recommendation of State Chief Commissioner and can be withdrawn under compelling circumstances by State Chief Commissioner.


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