Tests for Pratham Sopan

Tests for Pratham Sopan

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  • a) Be able to tell correctly “your duties at home”.
  • b) Be able to make your bed.
  • c) Know the health rules regarding personal cleanliness.
  • d) Learn B.P. Six exercises and practice Yoga/ Asana /Surya Namashkar.
  • e) Stitch a button.
  • f) Clean / Polish canvas/ leather shoes.
  • g) Make a personal First Aid kit and know its contents.


  • a) Learn about your Patrol, its Flag, Yell, Song, Cry, Patrol Corner, Patrol Call and participate in Patrol in Council
  • b) Learn & practice Hand & Whistle Signals.
  • c) Foot Drill: Savdhan, Vishram, Aramse, Dahiney, Bayen & Pichey Mud.
  • d) Participate in a Troop & Patrol game.


  • a) Whip the end of a rope.
  • b) Tie & demonstrate the use of the following knots: Reef knot, Sheet Bend, Clove Hitch, Bowline, Sheep Shank, Fisherman Knot, Round Turn & Two Half Hitches.
  • c) Tie and demonstrate Sheer Lashing Mark I and Mark II.
  • d) Make a gadget or handicraft useful at home.


  • a) Undertake a Troop Service Project in your School or Scout Headquarters under the guidance of your Scout Master.
  • b) Should know the Definition and Golden rules of First Aid
  • c) Deal with simple Cuts, Burns & Bleeding from the nose.
  • d) Undertake household responsibilities like cooking, water storage, hospitality, cleanliness etc. with the help of parents for a week.
  • e) Participate in the following activities

(i) Discuss with your Scout Master and render some service involving any one of the points of Scout Law and submit a report to your Scout Master.

(ii) Undertake a nature study project in consultation with your Patrol Leader and submit the report within ten days. OR Visit a Village Panchayat Samiti/ Block Development/Municipality/ Municipal Corporation office and learn about the services rendered by one such public organization and submit a report to your Scout Master within ten days.


5. COMMUNICATION : Be able to use the PCO & Mobile Phone and be acquainted with some of the facilities available on it.


  • a) Know the simple wood crafts signs & follow a trail with his patrol of not less than half a kilo metre.
  • b) Know & practice Road Safety Rules for pedestrians.
  • c) Participate in a Nature Study Trail


(i) On the successful completion of the Pratham Sopan tests the Scout shall be issued the Pratham Sopan Badge by the Local or District Association as the case may be on the recommendation of the Scout Master who acts as examiner.

(ii) Pratham Sopan Badge is a scroll with words “Tayyar” (devnagri script) It shall be worn in the centre of the left sleeve between the elbow and shoulder.

Sea Scout : In addition to above tests a Sea Scout will have to qualify for the following:

  • (1) Have general knowledge of Sea Scouting.
  • (2) Know about water safety precautions.
  • (3) Get over fear of water.

Air Scout : In addition to Pratham Sopan tests, Air Scout will have to qualify for the following.

  • (1) Have general knowledge of Air Scouting.
  • (2) Collect photographs/pictures of atleast ten different types of Aircraft.
  • (3) Have in general, knowledge of our Air Force- its Ranks, Badges and Flag.
  • (4) Recognize atleast ten types of Aircraft used by Air Force/Civil Aviation in the Country.
  • (5) Prepare a log of the Aircraft seen during the period fixed by the Scout Master.


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