Tests for Dwitiya Sopan

Tests for Dwitiya Sopan

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(1) Pioneering :

  • a) Demonstrate Timber hitch, Rolling hitch, Marline spike /Lever hitch & Figure of Eight knot and their use.
  • b) Tie the following lashings and know their uses: Square and Figure of Eight.
  • c) Demonstrate the uses of hand axe or chopper and know the safety rules and how to keep them sharp.
  • d) Demonstrate the use, safety and sharpening of a dagger or a pen knife and the use of a screw driver, pliers and hammer.

(2) Fire : a. Know different types of fire used in camping/ outing. b. Lay and light a wood fire in the open with not more than two match sticks


  • a) Know the working & maintenance of a kerosene, pressure stove or a Gas stove.
  • b) Cook in the open two simple dishes enough for two persons & make tea/coffee. c) Know the safety precautions in case of a gas leak.


  • a) Know the sixteen points of a compass.
  • b) Be able to find North by at least two constellations
  • c) Using a Compass know how to find the bearing of various objects from your position.
  • d) Follow a trail laid out using compass bearing & distances.
  • e) Know the terms: Scale, Direction, Conventional signs, Contours & Grid Reference.
  • f) Be able to use a tourist map

5. FIRST – AID :

  • a) Have knowledge about wounds and know how to deal with Bleeding, Burns and Scalds, Sprains, Stings & Bites
  • b) Demonstrate the use of Roller bandages.
  • c) Demonstrate the use of a Triangular Bandage for the Head, Hand, Knee, Foot, Ankle and fracture of Arm.
  • d) Improvise a stretcher

(6) Estimation :

  • (i) With the help of improvised apparatus, estimate two distances/widths of not more than 100 metres but not less than 30 metres.
  • (ii) Know the length of your stride/Pace and using this, estimate the distance travelled.


  • a) Participate in a Troop Wide Game.
  • b) Participate in a Troop Campfire & know at least two folk/patriotic songs & participate in a Patrol skit.
  • c) Know & practice Road Safety Rules for vehicles.
  • d) Know how to ride a bicycle.
  • e) Visit a factory in the neighbourhood of schools/colleges/residence to understand the manufacturing process of various products and also to respect the dignity of labour.

8. SERVICE : Complete any one of the following :

  • a) Undertake a development Project in your school in consultation with the head of the institution.
  • b) Participate in a Social Service Camp/Camps covering at least for a month.
  • c) Serve in community fair or Mela including preparatory and post event assignments of Mela/fair.
  • d) Participate in an Anti-Litter Campaign with your Patrol and help to clean up an area around your school or headquarters.
  • e) Demonstrate the 3R’s of Conservation: Reduce, Recycle & Reuse.
  • f) To form and participate in Self Help Groups. g) Such other sustained activities where Scout skills are made use of.

9. SENSE TRAINING : Know and play the following Kim’s games : Observation Game. Taste Games, Sound Games. Smelling Games, Touch Games 10. Qualify for two from the following Proficiency Badges:

  • (i) Cook
  • (ii) Debator
  • (iii) Friend to Animals
  • (iv) Gardener
  • (v) Handyman
  • (vi) Cyclist
  • (vii) Laundress,
  • (viii) Reader,
  • (ix) Hospital man


  • a) Know the various Troop Formations.
  • b) Be able to march three deep with your Troop smartly & in good order. Follow drill commands during marching.
  • c) Participate in four All Faiths Prayer meetings in your Troop


  • a) Use a computer and know the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone, internet and their applications in the development of the country.
  • b) Know how to use the internet & access the website of the Bharat Scouts & Guides.

13. PATRIOTISM : Collect information on our heritage and culture and prepare a log Sea Scout: In Addition to above tests a Sea Scout will

  • (1) Learn Swimming.
  • (2) Have in general, knowledge about boat, sail, oars, and anchor.
  • (3) Learn about DOs and DONTs in a boat.
  • (4) Learn to perform artificial respiration. Air Scout : In addition to Dwitiya Sopan tests, an Air Scout will.
  • (1) Know about history of Air Force in the country.
  • (2) Know about markings on Aircraft both Civil and Military.
  • (3) Have in General, knowledge of an Aircraft and its main parts.
  • (4) Have knowledge of an Aircraft or an Aerodrome.
  • (5) Have in general, knowledge of flying procedures (take off, landing, banking etc.)

Note :

(i) On the successful completion of the tests for the Dwitiya Sopan Badge to the satisfaction of independent examiners arranged by Training Counsellor and appointed by Local Association/District Association as the case may be, on the base of the certificate issued by the examiners, the Scout shall be issued the Dwitiya Sopan Badge.

(ii) Dwitiya Sopan Badge consists of the Bharat Scouts & Guides emblem with scroll “Tayyar” in Devnagri script under scout emblem..

(iv) Dwitiya Sopan Badge shall be worn on the left arm in place of the Pratham Sopan Badge.


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