Tests for Dwitiya Charan

Tests for Dwitiya Charan

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1. Know from your parents about a few important people in your village/locality and tell about them to Cub master.

2. Learn from your parents about care to be taken of brittle, sharp and valuable things in the house.

3. Prepare a handicraft out of waste material or do clay modeling.

4. Observe flowers in the garden. Trees in the locality/ mohalla and make a chart fixing ten flowers and ten leaves in a chart.

5. Be able to preserve things collected by you.

6. Tie a Sheet bend and a Fisherman’s knot and show their uses.

7. Render First aid for small cuts, burns and scratches.

8. Along with your Six, do a Good-turn in school/ locality under the supervision of the Cub master.

9. Demonstrate ANY THREE of the following.

  • a) Maintain your own bed daily for at least a month.
  • b) Know the importance of the National Flag.
  • c) Sow seeds and grow a plant. Growth may be recorded and reported to the Cub Master OR Prepare a Bird feeder or a fountain and maintain it for two months.
  • d) Draw or paint a picture of any subject of your choice.
  • e) Trim, fill, light and put off a hurricane / lantern, light a candle with match box OR know the use of Emergency light and how to charge it.
  • f) Run for five minutes or cycle for three minutes along a prescribed route with verbal message of not less than ten words and deliver it correctly.

10. Participate in at least two All Faiths Prayer Meetings.

11. Participate in Kim’s Game.

12. Know about Bagheera Dance.

13. Know about the 3Rs of conservation i.e. Reduce, Recycle and Reuse.

14. Follow a trail not less than half a kilo meter and not exceeding one kilo meter.

15. Attend at least eight pack meetings as Pratham Charan Cub.

Note : On completion of the tests, a Pratham Charan Cub will be awarded the Dwitiya Charan Badge by the Local Association or the District Association, as the case may be, on the recommendation of the Training Counsellor or examiner appointed by the Badge Committee, who arranged the testing. Dwitiya Charan Badge is a cloth badge. The background shall be blue in colour, containing two five-pointed stars in white. It shall replace on Uniform the Pratham Charan Badge.
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