Tests for Chaturtha Charan

Tests for Chaturtha Charan

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1. Observe a pet bird or animal and take care of it at least for three months.

2. Participate in an overnight Pack Camp.

3. Participate in a Pack Expedition.

4. Tie a Bowline, a Round turn and two half hitches and show their uses.

5. Open a small Savings Account at Post Office or Bank or plant at least two tree saplings in your locality and ensure their growth for at least six months.

6. Participate in a religious function and share your experience with your Cub Master.

7. Qualify for one of the following Proficiency Badges not earned earlier.

  • (a). World Conservation
  • (b) First Aider
  • (b) Cyclist
  • (d) Gardener
  • (e) Book Binder
  • (f) Heritage
  • (g) Free Being Me.

8. Observe a Scout Patrol/Troop meeting in your locality for a month and discuss your observation with your Cub Master Or Collect addresses of five Scouts in the locality and submit to the Cub Master.

9. Be able to tell about two national Heros / Freedom Fighters 10. Participate in “Free Being Me Project of WAGGGS.

11 Gain Knowledge and practice simple Yoga in daily life.

12 To know from the Cub Master any two bites from Wolf Cub’s Handbook.

13 Know the Sher Khan death dance.

14 Attend at least eight pack meetings after qualifying for Tritiya Charan.

a. On completion of the tests a Tritiya Charan Cub will be awarded the Chaturtha Charan Badge by Local Association or District Association, as the case may be, on the recommendation of the Training Counseller or examiners appointed by the Badge Committee.
b. Chaturtha Charan Badge is a cloth badge. The background shall be blue in colour containing three five pointed stars with an arrow below them, all in white. It shall replace on uniform the Tritiya Charan Badge.
c. The Chaturtha Charan Badge will be presented along with a certificate signed by the State Chief Commissioner.
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