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Swimmer :
(i) Swim 45.70 meters using breast stroke.
(ii) Swim 22.85 meters using over arm side stroke, trudge on crawl or back crawl.
(iii) Swim 22.85 meters on the back without using arms.
(iv) Be able to swim 22.85 meters in 30 seconds using any stroke. (this can be examined under headings 1 & 2).
(v) Swim 22.85 meters fully clothed.
(vi) Pick up a brick from the bottom of the bath at a depth of not less than 2 meters.
(vii) Be able to dive.
(viii) Float motionless for 20 seconds, not necessarily horizontally.
(ix) Be able to explain the following : how to avoid and what to do in case of muscle cramps, safety precautions in selecting unknown swimming and bathing places and diving point, the buddy system for bathing or swimming in large numbers.
(x) Be able to satisfy the examiner that she is capable of instructing a non-swimmer in the basic principles of swimming.

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