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Signaller :
(i) Send and receive by flag in Semaphore at the rate of 7 words (35 letters) a minute or in Morse @ 5 words (25 letters) a minute.
(ii) Send and receive at the rate of 6 words (30 letters) a minute on buzzer or sounder.
(iii) Send and receive at the rate of 5 words (25letters) a minute by lamp or disc.
Note : 90 percent accuracy must be obtained in all the above tests.
(iv) Demonstrate a recognised procedure when sending and receiving a message.

(v) Have a good knowledge of various signs and signals given in “Scouting for Boys”.
(vi) Improve at least two methods of sending a message either in Morse or Semaphore at least 1 Km. at the rate of 4 words (20 letters) per minute. Note : Outdoor sending and receiving stations to be a minimum of
150 meters apart. Buzzer stations to be in separate rooms.

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