Sick Nurse

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Sick Nurse :
(A white cross on Red Base with white Border.)
(i) Answer questions on :Preparation of sick room and ventilation of heating.
(ii) Know how to prepare a bedfor a patient, change sheet and prevent bed sores. Know the use of room and clinical thermo-meter, how to take pulse and respiration. How to wash and dress a patient.
(iii) Answer questions on : Germs of disease, their growth and prevention.

(iv) Know the symptoms of malaria, plague, dhobie’s itch, measles, enteric fever, cholera, whooping cough, mumps and influenza and the symptoms and early treatment of consumption (tuberculosis of Lungs).
(v) Show knowledge of the administration of medicines and the external application of remedies, treatment with heat and cold, including poultice and fermentation.
(vi) Answer questions on feeding in sickness and convalescence. Make two dishes.
(vii) Know the signs and symptoms of illness that would lead you to send for doctor.
(viii) Show proficiency in roller bandaging: finger, hand, foot and leg.

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