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(1) Show a general knowledge of the administration of the Bharat Scouts and Guides at Group and District levels. Know terms of reference of Court-of -Honour, Patrol -in – Council.
(2) In the presence of the examiner either, write with a good, legible hand, (two hundred and fifty words) of prose.
Type hundred words with not more than five mistakes, and show to clean the machine and replace ribbon.
(3) Show an understanding of Committee procedure including ability to prepare an agenda and take minutes.
(4) Have a general knowledge of the financial structure of a Scout Group. Prepare simple Receipt and Payment account for a Troop or Patrol: know how a personal Bank Account operates.
(5) Write a letter on a subject chosen by the Examiner, draft a wording for an invitation card addressed to members or public in connection with a Group, Troop or Patrol event.
(6) Carry out the duties of secretary to his patrol, Courtof -Honour or some other committee not necessarily concerned with Scouting for a period of three months to the satisfaction of his Scout Master or the Chairman of the Committee concerned.

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