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Sea Scouting Branch

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Sea Scout and Sea Rover

1. Sea Scouts shall form a Sea Scout Troop. Sea Rovers shall form a Sea Rover Crew.

2. There shall be separate Groups for Sea Scouts and Sea Rovers.

3. Ordinarily, Sea Scout Troop and the Sea Rover Crew shall form part of the Local or the District Association, as the case may be. Provided, however, with the approval of the State Chief Commissioner, a separate local or District Association, as the case may be, may be formed of Sea Scout Troops and Sea Rover Crews with a view to impart special instructions in water Craft.

4. Sea Scout Troop or Sea Rover Crew or Local or District Associations, as the case may be, shall forward to the State Association, through proper channel rules in regard to :

  • (i) Inspection of boats or boat used by Sea Scouts and Sea Rovers.
  • (ii) Restriction of said area and the number of persons such boat may carry.
  • (iii) Provision of air tanks, life belts and other safety devices.
  • (iv) Competent person being placed in charge of such vessels.
  • (v) Care and maintenance of the vessels.

5. Instructor in watercraft shall be a person qualified for the purpose.

6. A current valid certificate about seaworthiness of the vessel is necessary.

7. A ‘Charge Certificate’ is equally necessary.

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