Scout Master and Assistant Scout Master

Scout Master and Assistant Scout Master

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(i) There shall be a Scout Master for each Scout Troop. There may be one or more assistant Scout Master for a Scout Troop at the rate of one Assistant Scout Master for Eight Scouts. NB. Wherever Scout Master Comes, it may also be read as Lady Scout Master.

(ii) Scout Master and Assistant Scout Master shall function subject to general supervision of the Group Leader where there is a Group. Scout Master shall be responsible for the management of the affairs of Scout Troop; he shall however, delegate matters of discipline, administration and finance to the Court -of – Honour, Assistant Scout Master shall assist the Scout Master.

(iii) Scout Master / Lady Scout Master / Assistant Scout Master/ Assistant Lady Scout Master shall be appointed by the State Chief Commissioner on the recommendation of the Local Association or District Association as the case may be and the concerned in charge Assistant District Commissioner for Local Association or District Commissioner and District Chief Commissioner.

(iv) On appointment Scout Master and Assistant Scout Master shall be issued each with a Warrant.

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