Scout Law

Scout Law

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A scout is trust worthy.
A scout becomes trust worthy only after acquiring the trust of other by his own working method.

A scout is loyal.
A scout must loyal to his mother, country and god. God gives us an opportunity to live in this beautiful world. So we must thankful to him. Always work for the welfare of others and work for a better tomorrow. Work hard to win success and also to avoid negatives.

A scout is a friend to all and a brother to every other scout.
scout movement is the mother of each and every scout. So every scout should be a brother to every other scout. All must be friendly to others.

A scout is courteous.
A scout should be courteous to others and he must be able to fulfill the duties towards the public and god.

A scout is a friend to animals and loves nature.
A scout must have a friendly mind towards other animals. He must loyal to animals. it is our duty to maintain the equilibrium of our nature.

A scout is disciplined and helps to protect public property.
Your discipline determines your status in the society. Public property is our wealth. It is our duty to protect public property.

A scout is courageous.
A scout must be physically and mentally courageous. Must have an ability to face any difficult problems.

A scout is thrifty.
He must have a knowledge about how to use things correctly and useful. Avoid over usage of things and keep it for our new generation.

A scout is pure in thought, word and deed.
Do all works with a good mind. Must pure in thought, word and deed.

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