Scheme of Advancement of a Cub

Scheme of Advancement of a Cub

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1. A Boy can be registered as a Cub Aspirant on completion of five years of age and invested after working for at least three months and completed the requirements of the Pravesh test.

2. A Pravesh Cub will work at least for three months to qualify for Pratham Charan.

3. A Pratham Charan Cub will work atleast for three months to qualify for Dwitiya Charan.

4. A Dwitiya Charan Cub will work for at least nine months to qualify for Tritiya Charan badge.

5. A Tritiya Charan Cub will work for atleast nine months to qualify for Chaturtha Charan.

6. A Chaturth Chran Cub having earned totally six proficiency badges one badge each in Tritiya Charan and Chaturth Charan, remaining four badges to be earned from the proficiency badge groups not earned earlier. He may be awarded a special badge called “Golden Arrow” before completing ten years of age.

7. For Pravesh and Pratham Charan the Cub Master will arrange for training and testing. 8. From Dwitiya Charan onwards and for Proficiency Badges Training Counsellors will arrange testing.

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