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(1) Analyse an article of merchandise from each of five retail stores and make a report of what happens to each article
of merechandise investigated, from the time it leaves the manufacturer until it reaches consumer.
(2) Explain value of a salesman between manufacturer and jobber and retailer: or between manufacturer and retailer.
(3) Sell a define quantity of merechandise total value of which is in excess of Rs.150/- and given his actual selling experience, telling the methods he used to influence people to buy his merchandise and how he overcame selling resistance.
(4) Sell at a profit something he has made or grown. Keep necessary record to enable him to fix right selling
price and to tell how much profit he has made.
(5) Obtain and hold for three months a salesman’s job during hours after school. Saturday afternoons or during vacation. Describe what is necessary to sell things he handles.
(6) Visit in uniform a business concern and learn how their product is sold. Describe selling process. Take with him an outline of atleast ten questions prepared n advance.
(7) Name five fundamental requirements of successful salesmanship.
(8) Go to some successful and practical salesman in his locality and find out what he thinks of selling as a life – work. Write what he thinks of selling as a life work. Write in 500 words or more his conclusions or what the salesman tells him of salesmanship as a life work.
(9) Explain: (i) why truthfulness about an article is one of the outstanding requirements of all good sales.
(ii) what is that every salesman sells to his employer.
(iii) how courtesy to prospective customers aids the sale.

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