Rover Uniform

Rover Uniform

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(a) A Rover shall wear uniform as a Scout with the differences mentioned here under:

  • (i) Green flash with letter ‘R’ in red Colour on Shoulder Straps.
  • (ii) Shoulder Stripes: Each 5cm long and 1.5cm wide shoulder stripes shall be of Red, Green & Blue colour Red above and Blue Below.
  • (iii) Membership Badge: A cloth badge with red background and Fleur-de-lis in yellow superimposed by the Trefoil with Ashoka Chakra also in yellow in the centre shall be in the centre of the pleat of the left pocket.

(b) Sea Rover Uniform : A sea rover shall wear Uniform as for a Rover. He shall also wear the Sea Scout Badge 4cms. above the right pocket.

(c) Air Rover Uniform : An Air Rover shall wear uniform as for a Rover. He shall also wear the Air Scout Badge 4cms. above the right pocket.

(d) Grameen Rover Uniform : The Crew in Council of Grameen Rover Crew may either decide to wear uniform as for Rovers as in Rule 10 (a) or may adopt following changes:

  • (i) A saffron colour turban in place Blue Beret cap.
  • (ii) A white dhoti worn in a uniform local pattern in place of shorts or trousers.
  • (iii) A white colour shirt of Scout pattern if a dhoti is worn.
  • (iv) Shoes or chappal of local pattern.
  • (v) Crew scarf.
  • (vi) Kammar band of saffron colour worn over the shirt.
Grameen Rover:
Prescribed syllabus for all tests assigned for Rovers will be applicable for Grameen Rovers. However, subjects found difficult or not related to Grameen Rover may be replaced by appropriate local activities/projects with the permission of SCC on the recommendation of DCC & SOC. The area specific alternate activities may be allowed by the State Chief Commissioner and certificate to that effect should be produced in the testing camp.
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