Rover Mate

Rover Mate

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(a) Rover Mate :

(i) Senior Rover Mate : One of the Rover Mates may be designated as Senior Rover Mate, if so decided by the Crew. Senior Rover Mate shall wear uniform and badges as a Rover and in addition he shall wear three Red vertical stripes made of wool or cotton 6 cms long and 1.5 cms wide on the left pocket, the middle shall be under Membership badge and other two on either side of the badge. Senior Rover Mate shall Assist Rover Scout Leader.

(ii) Rover Mate : Rover Mate is a Rover Scout elected annually by the Crew with the approval of the Rover Scout Leader. There shall be one Mate for every 4 to 6 Rovers. Rover Mate shall wear uniform as a Rover and in addition he shall wear two red woollen or Cotton stripes, 6 cms long 1.5 cms. wide vertical on either side of the Membership Badge on the Left pocket of the shirt. Rover Mate Shall Assist Rover Scout Leader.

(iv) Second : A Second is appointed by the Rover Mate to Assist him in his duties. Second shall wear uniform and badges as a Rover and in addition he shall wear one red vertical stripe 6 cms. long and 1.5 cms. wide on the right side of Membership Badge on the left pocket of shirt.

(b) Crew Council :

(i) The Crew Council shall consist of warranted Rover Scout Leaders and Assistant Rover Scout Leader, Rover Mate and such other Rovers as may be elected by the crew. Any one of the Rover Mates or Rover will be the Chairman of the Crew Council and one of the members shall function as Secretary.

(ii) The Crew Council shall deal with planning programme and matters of discipline, administration and finance of Rover Crew.

Note :

When size of Rover Crew does not warrant formation of a Crew Council the whole crew may function as Crew Council provided, however the matters relating exclusively to Rover Aspirant and Rover shall be dealt with by these Rovers themselves.

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