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(1) Pass or have passed the Swimmer Badge.
(2) Attired in shirt and dhoti or trousers:- Perform, in water four methods of rescue, and three of release from the clutches of a drowning person. The drowning subject, should be about the same size as the rescuer, in each of rescue methods the person is to be carried at least 9.1 metres (10 yards)
(3) Dive from the surface to the depth of atleast 1.5m. (five feet) and bring up a stone, brick or iron weight of not less than 2.3 kg. (five pounds.)
(4) Demonstrate mouth to mouth resuscitation.
(5) Swim 45.70 metres (50 yards) and undress before touching ground.
(6) Throw a life line to a mark 91 metres away. In three out of four throws the life – line must atleast reach 13.6 metres short of the mark.
(7) Demonstrate atleast two types of carrying of casualties.

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