Rashtrapati Scout Award

Rashtrapati Scout Award

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(A) (i) The President of the Indian Union has been graciously pleased to authorize issue of a special certificate to a Scout who earns the Rashtrapati Scout Award after serving as a Rajya Puraskar Scout for at least twelve months.

(ii) The Scout Master who is advanced trained shall inform the National Headquarters through proper channel on a registration form available from the State Headquarters/BSG Website that Rajya Puraskar Scout is completing requirements of Rashtrapati Scout Award. The Scout shall record his attainments for Rashtrapati Scout Award on the said form and submit the same to the Regional Headquarters through proper channel. In the absence of Scout Master, the Assistant Scout Master who is Advanced trained will be competent to make recommendations

(iii) Rashtrapati Scout Award certificates are presented at a formal ceremony by the President of India on the request of the Chief National Commissioner.

(iv) Rashtrapati Scout Badge shall be worn on the left sleeve below the Shoulder Stripes and above the Rajya Puraskar Badge along with the qualifying Proficiency Badges of Rashtrapati Award.

(v) The Chief National Commissioner shall issue suitable directives from time to time in respect of Badge, Tests etc. and ensure the standard of skills involved

vi) A Scout Master /Assistant Scout Master will recommend only up to 25% Scouts of the total census of the unit (not exceeding 32) for Rashtrapati Award in a year. Special cases could be recommended by the District Chief Commissioner and State Chief Commissioner subject to maximum of 50% in a year.

vii) Rajya Puraskar Scout, who has already fulfilled all required conditions, will have to be tested at State Level and certified by the State Organising Commissioner concerned before coming for Rashtrapati Scout Award Testing Camp organised by the National Association under the supervision of the concerned Assistant Director.

(B) Tests for Rashtrapati Scout Award

1. Hold the Rajya Puraskar Scout Award & be able to maintain the standard.

2. Camping

  • a) Camp with his Troop/Patrol for three consecutive nights in the open. Gatherings like jamborees, rallies etc are not to be counted.
  • b) Be able to improvise either a shelter or a hut or a machan with available natural material for two persons to sleep in


  • a. Hold the Disaster Management Badge
  • b. Re-pass Ambulance man Badge

4. Qualify for any two of the following Proficiency Badges not earned earlier:

  • a. Aids Awareness
  • b. Handyman
  • c. Fireman
  • d. Pathfinder
  • e. Sea Fishermen
  • f. Hiker
  • g. World Conservation
  • h. Interpreter
  • i. Farmer
  • j. Free Being Me
  • k. Solar Energy Awareness
  • l. Event Manager
  • m. Self Defence n. Backwoodsman

5. Participate in a sustained community development project at least two hours in a week for six months on any two of the following subjects:

  • A. Promote gender equality and empower women
  • B. Reduce child mortality
  • C. Improve maternal health
  • D. Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria & other diseases
  • E. Ensure environmental sustainability.

6. Work as a Badge Instructor of a Pack or a Troop in the vicinity. OR Teach games for younger children for fifteen days.

7. To have knowledge & prepare a log book on Kanderstag adventure centre of WOSM in Switzerland.

8. Have knowledge about the WOSM website and gain information about Asia Pacific Region.

9. Serve as Rajya Puraskar Scout at least for twelve months.


(1) Rashtrapati Scout Award is awarded by the President of India.

(2) This award is presented by the President of India on the recommendation of Chief National Commissioner and can be withdrawn under compelling circumstances by the Chief National Commissioner.

Sea Scout :
In addition to Rashtrapati Scout Award tests given above, a Sea Scout will:

  • 1. Swim hundred metres using back stroke.
  • 2. Dive in any two styles.
  • 3. Have in general, knowledge of our Navy and of Ranks in the Navy. 4. Learn signalling using Morse Code.
  • 5. Know in general about ships.
  • 6. Have a general knowledge of weather, winds and tides.
  • 7. Know about Zodiac.

Air Scout:
In addition to Rashtrapati Scout Award tests, an Air Scout will

  • 1. Know about picketing and marshalling of Aircrafts.
  • 2. Participate in atleast three AIR model exercises and report to Scout Master.
  • 3. Make an air – model fuel mixture and use it in an exercise.


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