Rashtrapati Ranger Award

Rashtrapati Ranger Award

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Rashtrapati Ranger Award :
A. (i) The Rashtrapati Ranger Award is awarded by the President of India.
(ii) As a Rajya Puraskar Ranger, she will work at least for one year to qualify for the Rashtrapati Ranger Award.
(iii) A Ranger is not eligible to qualify for Rashtrapati Ranger Award on completion of twenty five years of age.
(iv) The Warranted Ranger Leader irrespective of her training qualifications shall inform the National Headquarters through proper channel on a prescribed registration form available at SHQ/BSG Website that Rajya Puraskar Ranger is preparing for Rashtrapati Ranger. In the absence of a Ranger Leader, an Assistant Ranger Leader can also recommend.
(v) A Ranger Leader will recommend only up to 25% Rangers of the total Census of the unit (not exceeding 24) for Rashtrapati Ranger Award in a year. Special Cases could be recommended by the District Chief Commissioner and State Chief Commissioner subject to maximum of 50% in a year. At the time of Rashtrapati Award TestingCamp a Ranger will produce her individual progress card.
(vi) The Chief National Commissioner who is the authority to grant the Rashtrapati Ranger Award shall issue from time to time suitable directions in respect of the badge tests, services etc.
(vii) This award is presented by the President of India on the recommendation of Chief National Commissioner and can be withdrawn under compelling circumstances by Chief National Commissioner.
(viii) Rajya Puraskar Ranger, who has already fulfilled all required conditions, will have to be tested at State Level and certified by the State Organising Commissioner concerned before coming for Rashtrapati Ranger Award Testing Camp organised by the National Association under the supervision of the concerned Asst. Director.

(ix) The Rashtrapati Ranger Award shall be worn on the left sleeve surrounded by proficiency badges which qualify for the same.

B. Tests for Rashtrapati Ranger Award :
(1) Choose any one of the following and discuss in the Team Council and submit a report based on statistics and data collected for approval:
i) Any subject on Current World Affairs.
ii) Any two Regions of World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).
iii) National Affairs i.e. Our Government/National Development plans and schemes/National Educational Policy/Service Organisations/ Cooperatives etc.
(2) Undertake a Community Development Project on Health or Food Production or Environment or Sanitation or a project suited to the particular area with the approval of Team Council for at least three months with the Team and submit a report to the Team Council.
(3) Render service at least for five days in a camp at District/ State/National Level.
(4) Participate in Community Service Project for not less than thirty hours spread over a period of at least two
months and should work once in a week.

(5) Participate in an Adventure Programme/Trekking programme organised by the State/National Headquarters
Or Participate in any International Event out of India Or Participate in International Adventure Programme at NAI.
(6) Show further progress in the advanced skills and vocational activities.
(7) Develop Internet Friendship with at least twenty members of the movement of other states as well as other countries. Or Be a member of Messenger of Peace and upload at least five projects on the MoP website. Or Establish a Geet Manch through team and Sing Songs from publications of BSG such as Geet Bharti,
Swarn Swar Lehri, Patriotic Songs, Songs promoting Secularism and National Integration etc. at public places in a village/town/city for ensuring visibility of the Movement.
(8) a) Qualify for Disaster Management Proficiency Badge.
b) Qualify for any one of the following Proficiency Badges

(a) Hostess (b) Fashion Designing
(c) Information Technology (d) Journalism (e) AIDS Awareness

In addition to above tests, a Sea Ranger will have to qualify
for the following :
(i) Dive, swim atleast ten meters under surface.
(ii) learn how to rescue a drowning person.
(iii) Have in general knowledge of shipping in our country.
(iv) Have in general knowledge about our Navy and its Ranks.
(v) Know about ten constellations beyond the Zodiac.
(vi) Know about any three methods of splicings and ten knots (bends and hitches) used at sea.
(vii) Conduct with safety precautions a chartered cruise of children for a distance not exceeding four kilometers.

In addition to Rashtrapati Ranger Award tests given above an Air Ranger will have to qualify for the following:
(i) Demonstrate skills in Aerobatics with an aero model. Or Have an experience in a glider for three times or in an aircraft for a minimum of half an hour.
(ii) Mark the International Airfields/Aerodromes on a World Map.
(iii) Have knowledge about the military aircrafts used in the neighbouring countries.
(iv) Know about the Signals used by W.T., R.T., A.L.D.S., L.M.A., cartridges and smoke bombs.

GRAMEEN RANGER : TEST FOR RASHTRAPATI AWARD Existing syllabus for Grameen Ranger to be replaced with the prescribed syllabus for Rangers.
Note for Grameen Ranger: All tests assigned for Rangers will be applicable for Grameen Rangers. However, subjects found difficult or not related to Grameen Ranger may be replaced by appropriate local activities/projects with the permission of State Chief Commissioner on the recommendation of District Chief Commissioner & State Organising Commissioner. The area specific alternate activities may be allowed by the State Chief Commissioner and certificate to that effect should be produced in the testing camp
i) Rashtrapati Ranger Award is presented by the President of India on the recommendation of Chief National Commissioner and can be withdrawn under compelling circumstances by the Chief National Commissioner.
ii) The Chief National Commissioner who is the authority to grant the Rashtrapati Ranger Award shall issue from time to time suitable directions in respect of the badge tests, services etc.
iii) On completion of the requirements successfully a Rajya Puraskar Ranger shall record her attainments for the Rashtrapati Ranger Award on a prescribed form and submit the same to the National Headquarters through proper channel. The Ranger must, in the opinion of the Team in Council be setting a personal example of Guide way of life.
iv) The Chief National Commissioner shall approve the Rashtrapati Ranger Award on basis of certificates of the examiners and on the recommendations of the Team in Council, the concerned District Commissioner and the State Chief Commissioner.
v) On approval of the Chief National Commissioner, the Rashtrapati Ranger Award Certificate is presented at a formal ceremony by the President of India.
vi) The Rashtrapati Ranger Badge is worn on the left arm.
vii) Even if a Ranger has undergone any training course of the Unit Leader, she will be eligible for Rashtrapati Award.

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