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Rambler :
(1) Attain competency to instruct a Scout in the requirements of following proficiency Badges of a Scout and prove that he has trained at least one Scout in it; Camper, Climber, Explorer, Hiker, Pioneer.
(2) Must be qualified in first aid to the standard of Ambulance man Badge of Scouts.
(3) Walk, or make passage in a kayak or boat (Sailing or rowing) an aggregate of 161kms. (100 miles) or go 300 kms by pedal cycle with overnight stay, outside towns, during week ends or holiday hikes for 600 kms. Motor bike with proper driving licence with relevant papers, must keep a log of his journeys to be handed over, on completing total of 161 or 300 kms, this log should give dates, place and distance and should preferably give information that would be of use to other hikers such as place of interest to be visited on the route, good camping places, sarais and dharam shala, hint for finding way at difficult point, together with passage notes of boat journeys, with tidal or other useful information and plans of harbours, inland waterways, etc. Sketch maps and nature notes should be included.

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