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(1) Show extra efficiency in the following : Fell a 22.5 cm. (nine inches) scaffolding pole of not less than 12.5 cm. (5 inches) diameter neatly and quickly.
(2) Have a basic knowledge of various ropes, their lay, size, storing and care.
(3) Tie following knots and understand their uses thoroughly in addition to Pratham Sopan and Dwitiya Sopan tests knots; bowline- on- bight, catspaw, double sheet bend, manharness knot, marline or lever hitch, draw or highway man’s hitch, fisherman’s bend or hitch. 144 Aims, Policy, Rules & Organisation Part – II
(4) Use figure of eight lashing, lash a block to spar, and prepare any two types of hold-fasts for different types of soil.
(5) Build a model bridge or derrick and a ladder.
(6) Make a camp kitchen, or a raft that will carry himself.
(7) Build a camp shelter or hut suitable for three occupants.
(8) Pass or repass Pioneer tests of Pratham and Dwitiya Sopan Badge.

(9) Know how to make a block and tackle using double
sheave and single sheave pulleys.

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