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Pioneer :
(i) Know how to construct a camp fire and how to collect, chop and stack suitable firewood. Hold the Cook’s badge and cook a two-course meal on a camp fire.
(ii) Erect screening.
(iii) Tie the following knots and understand their uses thoroughly in addition to the knots of Pratham Sopan and Dwitiya Sopan tests. Bowline on bight, Cat’s paw, Double sheet-bend, Manharness knot, Marline or Lever hitch, Draw hitch or Highway man’s hitch, Fisherman’s bend or hitch.
(iv) Pass or repass the Pioneer tests of Pratham Sopan and Dwitiya Sopan.
(v) Be able to do the following : putting into use the knots and proper lashings; model of a bridge, camp ladder, flag staff, wash stand shelter ridge and hut.

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