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Naturalist :
(i) Must keep a nature diary with at least 60 entries extending over three months.
(ii) Must watch a given area for three months, making note of anything which may appear in it, or change in it during that time and discovering as much about the flora and fauna as possible and have done her best to preserve wild life.
(iii) Must do two of the following :
(a) Take a series of six photographs of wild animals or birds from life; have a general knowledge of their lives and habits and know the time when production is necessary.
(b) Be able to name 40 different animals, insects, reptiles or birds in a museum, or Zoological garden, or from unnamed coloured plates. Give particulars from observation of lives, habits and appearance-five of them.
(c) Make coloured drawings of twenty flowers from life or twelve coloured sketches of animals or birds and a short description giving the name of subject, where the guide saw it, an on what date, with brief particulars of the habits, the sort of place in which it is to be found and the family to which it belongs.
(d) Be able to name fifteen trees and show notes from personal observation of their characteristics, use etc. with sketches of their leaves, twigs and flowers.
(e) Make a collection of fifty pressed common flowers, with the name, place and date when found written below, making an effort to group in families show knowledge of the rare flowers which should not be picked.
(f) Make to collection demonstrating one of the following :
(i) How seeds are distributed.
(ii) How plants climb.
(iii) How plants protect themselves.

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