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Fire any of three alternative tests three times, either concurrently or preferably on different dates, on each occasion
obtain not less than the minimum score indicated;
(A) Rifle- small bore (.22 inch), Single – loading type.
Sight – any- except telescopic position – Prone Slings – May by used.
Shots – Twenty at two cards at any of the following ranges:
Test Distance (Metres) Minimum Score Targets
1 22.9 155 S.M.R.C Match
2 22.9 80 Military 200.25
(B) Air Rifle- Bore (.117 Inch), Single loading type. Position- Standing or prone. Sling-May be used.
Shots- Twenty at two cards at the following range
Distance (metres) Minimum Score Targets
5.48 150 S.M.R.C. 5 Bull
Air Rifle.
138 Aims, Policy, Rules & Organisation Part – II
(i) Edge of shot hole nearest to centre of target decides the value of hit.
(ii) When using air rifle care must be taken to fix target so that the pellets do not rebound to dangers of the firer’s eyes.

Note to examiners:
(1) The Scout must adjust his sights himself the sights previously having been altered of the centre of the bull’s eye.After adjusting his sights the Scout should be allowed not more than ten sighting shots.
(2) Know the usual safety – firer’s rules for rifle shooting and have an elementary knowledge action; and be able to adjust essential parts which are liable to work loose.
(3) Know and have noted the sight reading for various standard rangers; have knowledge of flight of bullet and its damaging power.
(4) Demonstrate how to clean the rifle.

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