Lace Maker

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Lace Maker :
(i) Must know names of and be able to describe, four kinds of lace, such as : Torchon, Irish, Crochet, Brussels point, Flet, Ground Point, Carickmacross Malines, etc.
(ii) Mend a piece of lace, real or imitation, very neatly.
(iii) Make lace according to one of the following sections (a)

– (f) for two sections, (g), (h) and (i) using flax not cotton thread :
(a) Bobbin or pillow lace : Be able to manage at least thirty six bobbins and make five different stitches, and show specimen, including insertions and edging made unaided.
(b) Needle point lace : Be able to make eight varieties of stitches, and including bars, nicots turtle. Show a piece the work being even and beautiful.
(c) Filet or darned net lace : Be able to make own net and vary design. Show insertion of several squares.
(d) Tambour lace : Know the tambour stitch and be able to work in several colours or an alternative, do a piece of “needle run” with at least eight varieties stitch in the net.
(e) Applique on net : carrickmacross, Applique, Duchess, etc. Show a piece of either style, with lawn or spring applied (the spring to be self made).
(f) Tatting lace : To know single and double thread tatting both or insertion and lace, be able to manage the threads to separate shutting at a time.
(g) Knitted lace : Be able to copy a simple design or follow instruction both in edging and insertion.
(h) Crochet : Be able to copy a simple design from instructions or specimen, show inserting and corner made unaided; one piece to Irish contain rosettes.
(i) Netting lace : Work two doyleys with varying width of mesh and different designs, such a shell or pointed edges.

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