Home Maker

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Home Maker :
(i) Must have risen early, lit a fire or cleaned shoes (her own and some one else’s) laid breakfast, made and
aired bed satisfactorily for a week consecutively.
(ii) Know how to clean a fire place or know how to clean properly a gas stove.
(iii) Understand and have carried out the cleaning of cooking and household utensils, and washing up.
(iv) Bring to examination a sample of jam, pickles or chutney made at home entirely by herself.
(v) Be able to mend household linen, clothes, curtain etc.
(vi) Be able to do shopping and errands for the household satisfactorily.
(vii) Open a packing case, hang curtains and arrange flowers decoratively.
(viii) Must bring a certificate from her parents or guardian, stating that she has been tidy, thorough, obedient and helpful in the home.
(ix) Understand the care of milk vessels.

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