Handy Woman

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Handy Woman :
(i) Work a sewing machine and understand cleaning, putting in needle, oiling etc.
(ii) Replace gas or patrol mantles or electric bulbs or clean, trim and fill an oil lamp.
(iii) If gas, water or electricity are laid on in her own house or school, know and where to turn them off at the main.
(iv) Thoroughly clean and repaint inside of a bathtub, or table, door, windows or equivalent two coats at least.
(v) Apply collator to a wall or floor.
(vi) Repair charpoy or replace newar on a bed.
(vii) Repair :
(a) Mosquito-net.
(b) A bamboo chick.
(c) China.
(d) Splice a handle or pole by gluing or whipping.
(e) Splice a rope.
(f) Glue wood.
(viii) At the examination do up a parcel neatly and sharpen knife on a grindstone, whetstone or home. Also do four of the following :
(a) Make and attach bed frames for a mosquito-net, or fix curtain rod and hand curtain.
(b) Mend a saucepan or equivalent and bring to examination after at least a week’s use.
(c) Lay linoleum or chatai that reaches to the walls of room.
(d) Remake a mattress or quilt.
(e) Prepare and replace a door stop or window stop.
(f) Renew a washer of a tap.
(g) Mount, frame and back a picture (A readymade frame may be used).
(h) Stain and polish a wooden article.
(i) Make a cupboard out of packing case.
(j) Mend a fuse, attach lead wire to a wall plug and repair a severed lead wire.
(k) Re-cane a chair.
(l) Put a pane in a window.
(m) Re-upholster a small chair or stool.
(n) Renew canvas on a deck chair.
(o) Make a hammock or badminton net or equivalent in netting.
(p) White-wash a ceiling.
(q) Make a useful article for the house showing the use of screws and correct nails.
(r) Handle a primus stove.

The examination can be spread over a period of time so that th guide should do things which are needed in the house rather than produce things for the test.

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