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Gymnast :
Scouts should not take this Badge unless they have been taught by the trained Gymnast.
(A) Under 16 years of age:-
(1) Have a good upright carriage and walk and run well.
(2) Perform to command a table for free standing exercise.
(3) Be able to jump. 0.9 metres (3 feet) high in good style.
(4) Be able to walk along the narrow side of balancing form or bar both forward and backward with good posture.
(5) Do any three of the following in good style.
(i) Climb a rope 4.2 metres (at least fourteen feet)
(ii) Somersault through and between two ropes.
(iii) Hand stand against a wall.
(iv) Reverse hanging on wall bars or improvised apparatus. 128 Aims, Policy, Rules & Organisation Part – II
(v) Sideways traveling on a bar.
(6) Do three of the following in good style.
(i) Cartwheel on right and left hand.
(ii) Through vault (i.e. squat).
(iii) Leap frog over high back.
(iv) Wolf or Jack in the box.
(v) Bunny vault over box or two forms.

Over 16 years of age:-
(1) Have a good upright carriage, walk and run well.
(2) Be attending gymnastics classes at school or some other approved physical training centers, at least once a week.
(3) Perform a table of free standing exercise approved by the Examiner.
(4) Perform two of the following in good style on narrow side of a balancing form or bar.
(i) Walk forward throwing and catching a ball at every step;
(ii) Walk sideways without support.
(iii) Stand on form, lift arm and right leg sideways replace, step forward and repeat, raising the other leg.
(iv) Walk with knees full bent and stretch every third step.
5. Perform one of the following groups;
(i) Climb a rope at least 4.8 metresn(sixteen feet), travel sideways on barn r wall bars both ways. Or travel backwards on a bar.
(ii) Hand stand unsupported or under or over somersault on a bar improvised apparatus; or reverse hanging vertically between two ropes.

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