Group IV – Service

Group IV – Service

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Group IV – Service

1. Cook : 
(i) Know the simple fire precautions.
(ii) Be able to lay and light fire in the open.
(iii) cook rice or chapati and dal or vegetable or fry or poach an egg. Or Prepare kichari or dalia.

2. First Aider :
(i) Know how to clean up and treat a graze.
(ii) Be able to dress and put triangular bandage on hand, foot and knee and put on large arm sling and tie head bandage correctly.
(iii) Know how to stop bleeding from the nose.
(iv) Know how to extinguish fire on clothes and how to treat for minor burns, scalds, choking sting and snake bite.
(v) Show that she understands the need for summoning adult help.
(vi) Know the simple treatment for shock.
(vii) Know simple treatment for sprains, and how to apply wet bandage to a sprained ankle.

3. Guide :
(i) In Country; know the nearest police station or thana, dispensary, hospital, village, doctor, vaidya or hakim, nearest bus stand, railway station, market, dharamshala or sarai nearest post and telegraph office, rest house and veterinary hospital.

Or In Town : Know the route to the nearest police station, doctor’s residence, chemist’s shop, public telephone, fire alarm, bus stand, railway station, petrol station, motor garage, hotel, post and telegraph office.
(ii) Know how to call for fire brigade, police and ambulance.
(iii) Be able to give clear and distinct directions to guide a stranger politely and promptly.
(iv) Know the story of an interesting and historical place in the neighbourhood.

4. House Orderly :
(i) Clean and tidy a room.
(ii) Make a bed.
(iii) Wash up crockery and utensils, and clean windows and brass work.
(iv) Peel potatoes and boil or fry them.
(v) Prepare tea or coffee or any other hot drink.

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