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1. Artist :..
(i) Draw with pencil, brush, pen or crayon original illustration of any incident or character in simple story (size not less than18 cms. by 13 cms.)
(ii) Do one of the following:
(a) Draw from life or memory in pen and ink or pencil an animal or human being.
(b) Draw from nature a landscape or still life group.
(c) Keep a sketchbook for a period of three months and draw at least 12 sketches.
(d) Illustrate a story by means of matchstick figures in not less than four pictures.
(e) Make a simple greeting -card using pencil, brush, pen or crayon.
(f) Make a model of a human being or an animal (not less than 20 cms, high) of wax, soap, clay or cardboard or any other suitable substance.

Note : Natural bent of the Cub is to be encouraged in every way : the spirit and intention of work is to count as much as adherence to academic rules.

2. Homecraft:m
Thread a needle and sew on a button and carry out any two of the following tests.
(a) Knit or crochet a useful article.
(b) Make a piece of netting good for a bag. Hammock etc.
(c) Work a design in cross- stitch on canvas.
(d) Make a rug or mat on canvas or Hessian. 96 Aims, Policy, Rules & Organisation Part – II
(e) Darn a hole in a jersey or stocking or mend a tear.
(f) Wash and iron his scarf.
(g) Make a basket and sweeping broom.
(h) Weave a useful article in ruffia.
(i) Weave the webbing of a bed.
(j) Make a ‘ tattle’ or ‘ chatai (straw mat).
(k) Spin 50 metres of yarn with taklie or Charkha.
(l) Paint a wall or floor (village style).
(m) Make an article of straw, palm, cane, reeds or bamboos.

3. Toy Maker :n
Make an article from odds and ends such as fircones, cloth pegs etc. and either a toy of a reasonable size such as an engine, motor car, doll or animal, or in reasonable correct proportions and colouring a compost toy such as a farmyard, jungle or animals, cottage with furniture, park with animals.
Note : An article presented for Dwitiya Chraran test must not be admitted for this badge.

4. Book Binderv
Perform the following operations in binding of a Book:
(i) Sew an ordinary exercise notebook and fix a cover on it.
(ii) Hold and paste on end papers, glue up and line with mull roundthe back and add second lining.
(iii) Cut boards and cover with cloth or paper, and put book into the case.
(iv) Bind one text book of a needy boy.
(v) Teach book binding to one cub or a friend.

5. Needle Worker

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