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(1) Have thoroughly explored within a period of 12 months, an area of at least 5 km. Radius (preferably round his own home or Troop Headquarters) for one of the following specific objects.
(i) Tracing out all footpaths, bridle paths and water ways; shown on past and present maps and 122 Aims, Policy, Rules & Organisation Part – II reporting on their present existence and condition.
(ii) Preparing a full report on industries of the locality, nature of its agriculture, making an approximation of the amount available of land and land under pasture ; and the use to which it is put.
(iii) Making a full report on history of the area giving particulars and history of any antiquities of places of special interest and the extent to which it is disfigured by advertising etc.
(iv) Preparing a report on the trees, flowers, birds and animals common to the area.
(2) Have a sound knowledge of not less than 8km. of a navigable river or canal, including knowledge of tides, channels, shoals or mud-banks, where tides are strongest, mooring place, local rules age customs, including local rule of the road and conservancy regulations affecting use of the Water way by Scout (e.g. restrictions of bathing, prevention of river pollution) and know where special dangers exist.
(3) Knowledge of two camping sites adjacent to mooring places within the area with names and address of owners and where drinking water and supplies are obtainable;
Note: In all cases, a log of his expeditions must be submitted, giving mileage, km. and with accompanied as far as possible, by explanatory sketches, maps, etc.,

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