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Embroiders :
(i) Show two different ways of decorating an edge, such as scalloping, faggoting and hemstitching.
(ii) Build up a simple border from any two or more of the following stitches. Blanket stitch, chain stitch, cross stitch, darning stitch, feather stitch, french knot, herring-bone and stem stitch. N.B. : Play with the stitches is to be aimed at and not mere repetition.
(iii) Do two out of the following three things.
(a) Design and work a piece of embroidery, using suitable material.
(b) Make a design for the top of blouse of a child’s frock or a sari border and embroider it in colour.
(c) Smock a garment showing two methods of grouping stitches. Or Take an embroidery in cut work or applique
work for a useful household article.

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