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Electronics :
(i) Have an elementary knowledge of how a thermionic valve works as :
(a) H.P. Amplifier.
(b) Detector
(c) L.F. Amplifier in a wireless set, and also how a “Westector” works.
(ii) Know the functions of condenser, resistance, inductance, reaction and mains rectifier, transformer.
(iii) Know how to build a cheap mains eliminator.
(iv) Know how to locate and cure a simple fault in a wireless set.
(v) Show a working knowledge of moving coil, loudspeakers, both permanent magnet and mains and energized types.
(vi) Draw a simple diagram showing the way to connect p a state of “resistance coupled”. L.F. amplification and another to illustrate the connections of a “L.F. Transformer” and show knowledge of the principles
(vii) Read a technical diagram, and interpret all symbols
ordinarily employed.
(viii) Have assembled a simple wireless receiver which works
satisfactorily and know all the distress signals.
(ix) Know the methods of charging and looking after

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