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(1) Sign a certificate that he owns, or has the use of, for at least six months, a bicycle or motorcycle,
in good order correctly equipped with lamp, bell or horn, rear lamp and pump and that he is able and willing to use it in the service of the country, if called upon, at anytime, in case of emergency.
(2) Ride his machine satisfactorily, keep it in good running order and in the case of a pedal cycle show that he can mount and dismount neatly by either pedal.
(3) Mend a puncture, remove and replace a brake and wheel and adjust any part of his machine to the Examiner’s satisfaction.
(4) Know the highway code, traffic signals, correct time for lighting up-i.e. time after Sunset- understand the
system of road numbering and be able to read a roadmap.
(5) Repeat correctly a verbal message after a ride of at least an hour’s duration.
(6) Inform the examiner on the use he has made of his machine in last six months. Scout Proficiency Badges 117
(7) Must be able to carry a casualty on an improvised bicycle ambulance.

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