Cub Uniform

Cub Uniform

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A Cub shall wear uniform as given below.

(i) Shirt : A steel Grey shirt with two patch pockets with shoulder straps, with half sleeves or rolled up sleeves. The sleeves may be turned down in cold weather.

(ii) Shorts : Navy blue shorts.

(iii) Head-Dress : A blue cap with yellow piping and logo of wolf cub supplied by the National Association. A Sikh may wear dark blue turban with logo of wolf cub supplied by National Association. [A turban badge in place of cap badge may be introduced by National Association.] 10 Aims, Policy, Rules & Organisation Part – II

(iv) Scarf : A triangular scarf of the Group colour other than green, purple or yellow and pattern approved by the Local or District Association as the case may be, shall be worn round the neck over the collar and shoulder straps with the Group woggle, other than Gilwell woggle. Two sides of the scarf shall have each a minimum length of 70 cms and maximum of 80 cms.

(v) Belt : Grey Nylex belt with official buckle of the Bharat Scouts & Guides Supplied by the National Association. (vi) Shoulder Patch : An equilateral triangular piece of cloth of six’s colour base of which shall be 4cms in length, sewn at the top of left sleeve Immediately below the shoulder badge with point upwards.

(vii) Shoulder Badge : A Shoulder Badge of 6 to 8 cms. Length and 1.5 cms. width with white background and red border and the serial number and name of the Group in red letters shall be worn on both the shoulders immediately below the seam with little curve.

(viii) Membership Badge : A cloth badge with blue background and Fleur-de-lis in yellow superimposed by the Trefoil with Ashoka Chakra also in Yellow in the centre shall be worn in the centre of the pleat of left pocket of the shirt or at the same place on jersey.

(ix) World Scout Badge : Should be worn in the centre of the pleat of the right pocket of the shirt. (x) Stockings : Black socks below the knee may be worn.

(xi) Footwear : Black shoes with lace.

(xii) Over Coat, Blazer or Jacket : A Navy Blue coloured overcoat or a navy blue Blazer or a navy blue jacket may be worn, during winter season only. (xiii) Metal Badge : in mufti, a metal badge of the Bharat Scouts & Guides may be worn.

(xiv) A name stripe – The name stripe containing “The Bharat Scouts & Guides” supplied by National Headquarters may be worn on just above the right pocket of the shirt. The size of the stripe should be 11cm X 2cm, the right corner of which should be tri colour of National Flag of the size of 3cm x 2cm and rest for the Title of ‘The Bharat Scouts & Guides’. Casual Wears : A working uniform /field activity uniform as optional item With Deep Blue Jeans/Trousers or shorts with plain sky blue T-shirts with collars having a pocket super imposed with scout Emblem of BSG and a deep blue Colour “P” cap with BS&G emblem at the centre may be worn during the field activities along with black sports shoes.

Note: P-Cap is not permissible in uniform
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