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Climber :
(i) Have completed the age of 18 years.
(ii) Have knowledge of mountainour area covering atleast 4 kms. radius and show that she is personally acquainted with the principal routes to the summit or peaks and points of interest in that area and know the nearest
telephone and doctor in case of emergency.
(iii) Draw an intelligible sketch showing such information; and identify peaks from a distance by their appearance.
(iv) Find her way to a given point in a mountainous area,
using a compass and one inch Survey Map of India (or
its local equivalent) and display climbing ability.
(v) Know the local weather conditions, and what to do in emergencies, such as being overtaken by darkness,
snow storm and mountain sickness or mist. Know the dangers of landslides.
(vi) Know the first aid treatment for fractures, dislocations, bruises, concussion, shock and Oedma of lungs; know the methods of transportation of the patient.
(vii) Have hiked in a mountainous area at the height of at least 1200 meters for a week out of which at least three nights must be consecutive using minimum hiking equipments.
(viii) Have attended a recognised Basic Mountaineering course.

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