Camps for Cubs

Camps for Cubs

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(i) Only a Cub who has earned Pratham Charan Badge and completed seven years of age only is eligible to attend a camp.

(ii) A Cub Pack camp shall not ordinarily last for more than three nights.

(iii) A Cub Pack Camp shall normally be conducted in permanent shelter/tents with ample safety measures.

(iv) In order to regulate proper arrangement for camp/ trek or hike ”Permit Card” signed by the Cub Master shall be issued. The concerned District Organising Commissioner shall issue ‘permit card’ only to the Cub Master in charge of the Pack.

(v) No Cub camp shall be held outside the State except with the written permission of the concerned State Commissioner.

(vi) There shall be not less than two adult leaders for a Cub Camp: there may be one adult for every six Cubs in a Camp.

(vii) No Cub Master or Assistant Cub Master shall conduct a Cub Camp without prior written permission of the concerned District Commissioner.

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