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(1) Know what are normal requirements in regard to a personal kit for a week’s camp,
personal kit for a weekend hike or cruise : equipment and rations for a weekend patrol camp or cruise (7 boys)
(2) Either know principal points to look for in selection of a Patrol or Troop campsite and describe with rough plan, how he would lay out a patrol camp with reference to tent, kitchen, sanitation, etc. OR Know how to select an anchorage mooring or berth for a rowing or sailing vessel, a sea going vessel.
(3) Demonstrate that he (a) understand the use and care of an axe : (b) understands use of and can tie following knots in addition to Pratham Sopan and Dwitiya Sopan test knots, slip reef, double sheet bend, bowline on bight and manharness knot.
(4) Demonstrate how to pitch, strike, pack and execute petty repairs to a 90 pounder and 180 pounder choldary, or make a hut of materials locality available sufficiently big for his patrol to sleep in.
(5) Show that he has a satisfactory knowledge of camp cookery and understands proper methods of storing Scout Proficiency Badges 111 food, purification of water and how to dispose of refuse.
(6) Have camped under canvas or in temporary hut constructed by him or on board ship, or boat with his Troop or patrol for not less than twelve nights and have camped out alone or with another scout for at least 3 nights not necessary consecutively in either case.

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