Bird Warden

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Bird Warden :
(i) In her own district with regard to bird life in general, know the chief dangers (including egg collectors) to which it is exposed, and social customs, ideas or superstitions which threaten its existence, and any laws passed, or practical steps to protect it.
(ii) Be able to construct three types of nest boxes for different species of birds, and know how they should be used to the best advantage.
(iii) Feed birds in her district for at least three months by means of food houses, food tables or food sticks.
(iv) Produce a note book and be familiar with the habits, calls and appearance (plumage, size etc.) of the national bird (Peacock) and seven varieties of birds in her district.
(v) Keep a record of one bird (other than national bird) and its nest for at least three months giving particulars as; Name of the bird, date when first seen or heard, date of finding nest, kind of tree or bush or tussock, height above the ground, number of eggs or young, date of leaving nest and remarks.

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