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Aviator :

(This badge is open to Air Scouts)
1. (i) Know proper conduct to adopt and ordinary safety precautions to follow when on an aerodrome or near aircraft.
(ii) indicate wind directionfor landing both by dayand night and assist in taxing and towing an aircraft.
(iii) Use chocks, and improvise them. Understand importance of keeping people away from an aircraft, when stationary or moving and the necessary of leaving a wrecked machine, or parts of it undisturbed, until police or officials arrive.
(iv) Show what constitutes a reasonable landing ground and name three possible landing grounds in the neighbourhood: also know compass directions of principal aerodromes within 80 km. of Troop Headquarters.
2. Have a knowledge of the theory of flight and aerodrome :
(3) Construct model aeroplane (use of kit permitted) which shall have following minimum flight (third like performance): 106 Aims, Policy, Rules & Organisation Part – II Glider
(i) Hand launched 25 seconds.
(ii) Tow launched with a maximum of 60 metres line 45 seconds.

(i) Rubber powered 30 seconds
(ii) Engine powered with control line(15 seconds maximum motor run) 45 seconds Demonstrate his model by making: A smooth take off, three laps flights at approximately
2 metres and climb and dive with smooth landing.

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