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Athlete :
(i) Have an easy upright carriage and be able to walk and run well.
(ii) Show proficiency in two of the following and knowledge of the rules. One to be taken from each group.
(a) Rounders, Tennis, Cricket, Badminton, Football and Golf.
(b) hockey, Lacrosse, Netball or Basketball, Touch and pass.
N.B. : Swimming 2704 meters in 24 seconds, knowledge of two strokes and be able to dive, may be substituted for any one game in Group (a).
(iii) Throw a Cricket or rounders ball in good style 22.6 meters.
(iv) Play a stalking game.
(v) Jump 2.74 meters in height in good style (over a bamboo) or run 90.14 meters in 15 seconds.
(vi) Skip for one minute continuously turning the rope backwards.
(vii) Take a 5 km. walk in one hour. Or Follow up a track of 1 km. in a reasonable time. Or Where neither of the above is possible demonstrate two team games not included above.
The tests for Guides over 16 would be altered in :
Length of throw 74.67 meters.
Guide Proficiency Badge 103
Height of Jump 3 meters.
A Guide who chooses (b) should show 6 steps walk 6.5 km. in 11/2

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