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Artist :
(i) Draw one of the following at examination, bringing the other two drawings for criticism.
(a) From memory, stating on the drawing, when the guide saw the object drawn.
(b) Some Visible object (e.g. landscape, figure, still life etc.)
(c) An imaginative drawing.
(ii) Demonstrate her interest, practice and proficiency in one of the following :
(a) Design a simple pattern suitable for a wall paper, carpet embroidery, ceramics metal work or
(b) Do a drawing in pencil or black and white or water colour depicting a scene from the history of the Guide Company.
(c) Do a plate in enamel painting, or a plate “filled in” (cleanliness of hands, of utensils and the choice of brushes, palette, knife, etc. will be taken into consideration).
(d) Modelling clay, plastic or wax a base relief commemorating a brave deed.
(e) Model a human figure or animal originality and efforts should count as high as actual models.
(f) Design poster or a village scene.

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