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Prelude : A large number of youth in the rural and urban areas are interested in undertaking adventure activities organised by the youth organisations. There is no such youth organisation at the grassroot level to promote adventure activities.

Proposed Venture Club induct to fill up this gap and also to expand the membership of Bharat Scouts and Guides by retaining the youth members leaving the units on attaining the maximum age limit.

Membership expansion

– to retain outgoing youth in the organisation for a long period.

– to develop leadership competencies in the youth

– to develop physical efficiency

– to promote harmony with nature

– to engage youth in constructive activities in their spare time.

The venture clubs will be formed in a locality of village with a minimum membership of 8 members.

Each venture club will be required to register with their respective State Association through Local/ District Association with prescribed fee. Each club will be issued a Charter on the recommendation of LA/DA by the state Association.

Office of the Club: Each club will have an office where its members will meet to participate or to discuss the Programmes and activities according to their plan. Area: A Club will be organised for a locality, mohalla, village, factory, institution or a Government Department of public service. Name of the Club: Each club will be named after a National Hero or Heroine. Membership: The membership of the club will be open to all citizens of India without discrimination of creed, caste or religion living in the locality and willing to accept the Fundamentals of the Bharat Scouts & Guides and accept the rules of the club, having basic education, sound physic and sound mind. Age 18 and above. Preferably up to 40 years of age, Willing member will be invested ceremonially on accepting ‘the Promise and the Law after completion of the Pravesh test requirement of a Scout. Leadership: There will be a leader for each club between the age of 25 to 45 years and who has undergone the Course for Adventure Leaders conducted by the National Adventure Institute of the Bharat Scouts & Guides. Organisation: Each club will have a Club Committee consisting of: A Chairman A Vice Chairman Secretary (The Leader of the club will be Ex. Officio Secretary of the Committee) Treasurer: 2 or 4 members from the Venture Club members.

Functions of the Committee: 1. To administer the moveable and immovable property of the Club. 2. To decide the programme and activities of the club. 3. To accept membership. 4. To raise Funds for the Club. 5. To approve the expedition activities. Funds: The club can generate funds with the help of the local resources confirming to the fund raising rules of the Bharat Scouts & Guides as laid down in APRO 1. Donations and sponsorship can be accepted by the Committees. The Treasurer will be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the accounts of the Club. Uniform for members of Venture Club: Cap: – Cap in blue colour with BSG Logo. Shirt – Grey Shirt or T Shirt of BSG pattern. Scarf – Specially designed scarf for the unit. Trousers – Navy blue pants/ Jeans with two additional pocket on both legs beside knees. Pouch – A black pouch with belt worn around waist. Footwear – Black Huntershoe or Sports Shoe. Following will be worn at the time of participating in the adventure activity. Optional: Knife, Axe, Nails, Rucksack, First aid kit, Water Bottle


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