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Toymaker :
Do any two to the following and make one toy of your own choice (each toy should be made of a salable standard).
(i) Cut out, stuff, and model two different animals out of wool and one rag doll (the face to be painted).
(ii) Make an engine and any vehicle for a child to pull along, from bits of wood, cork etc.
(iii) Make wool ball on card frame and a bird or beast with scraps of coloured crewel, suitable for a tiny baby.
(iv) Dress a doll with clothes designed on the patterns which can be reminded of a baby’s or a toddler’s dress. (The
doll may be the rag doll made in section (1).
(v) Make a room of doll’s house from a box and completely paint, affix wall paper and furnish from oddments and
(vi) Make an illustrated scrap book with one page of illustrations or story (either fairy, nature or heroic written by herself).
(vii) Make a working model of a bag staff, or fly a kite made by herself.

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