Tests for Tritiya Charan

Tests for Tritiya Charan

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1. Prepare and present a useful handicraft preferably for a differently abled person in the locality.

2. Know the eight principal points of a compass.

3. Have Knowledge of your village/town regarding nearby Railway Station, Bus Stand, Bank, Post Office, Hospitals, Schools and Colleges.

4. Render First aid for sprains, stings and be able to clean a wound.

5. Participate in a Pack Good – turn activity by adopting a public place.

6. Participate successfully in at least three sense training games.

7. Go on a day hike with your pack.

8. Help a younger child in habits of cleanliness.

9. a. Know how to welcome and receive a guest in a social way.
b. Prepare and serve cold or hot drink.
c. Prepare a Greeting Card for special occasion

10. Qualify for one of the following Proficiency Badges.

  • (a). Observer
  • (b) Team Player
  • (c) Home Craft
  • (d) Entertainer
  • (e) Guide
  • (f) Computer Awareness.

11. (a) Know the wood craft signs and traffic signs.
(b) Know the rules of Road safety as a pedestrian and a cyclist.
(c) follow a marked track for one kilo meter.

12. Know Tabaqui Dance.

13. Attend at least 8 pack meetings after Dwitiya Charan.

Note : On completion of the tests a Dwitiya Charan Cub will be awarded the Tritiya Charan Badge by Local Association or District Association as the case may be, on the recommendation of the Training Counsellor or examiner appointed by the Badge Committee who arranged the testing. Tritiya Charan Badge is a cloth badge. The background shall be blue in colour containing three five pointed stars in white. It shall replace on the uniform Dwitiya Charan Badge.
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