Tests for Pratham Charan

Tests for Pratham Charan

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1. Know how to keep personal effects (Clothes, footwear etc.) neat and tidy and be able to sew buttons on garments.

2. Learn to pray before meals.

3. Do daily good – turn at home and at school.

4. Do knee bending and toe touching exercises regularly and maintain good health habits.

5. Practice any two of the following physical activities.

  • (a) Somersault
  • (b) leap frog
  • (c) hopping
  • (d) skipping
  • (e) balance walk
  • (f) Throw and catch a ball from three meters.
  • 6. Make a collection of five different leaves and flowers. Paste and label them in a scrap book.

7. Be able to tell time by clock.

8. Know whipping, tie a Reef knot and Clove hitch and learn their uses.

9. Demonstrate any three of the following:

  • (a) Climb up a tree or a rope.
  • (b) Ride a bicycle safely.
  • (c) Write address and affix stamps on an envelope for posting.
  • (d) What to do, when the National Flag is flown and the National Anthem is sung or played.
  • (e) Find out the meaning of the Badge given at the time of Investiture.
  • (f) Use of basic Communication device (telephone, cell phone, web phone, Internet)

10. Be able to sing Cub Prayer, National Anthem and BSG Flag song.

11. Be able to tell the Jungle Story upto Kaa’s Hunting.

12. Know Jungle Dance – Baloo and Kaa Dance.

13. Attend at least 8 pack meetings. Chapter-I, Cub Section 13

14. Be able to tell the name, address and telephone/ mobile numbers of their parents.

Note :
a. On Completion of the Tests. A Pravesh Cub shall be awarded the Pratham Charan Badge by the Local Association or District Association, as the case may be on the recommendation of the Cub Master.
b. It will be worn above the Bharat Scouts and Guides name stripe or at the same place on jersey.
c. Pratham Charan Badge is a cloth badge. The background shall be blue in colour and the star shall be a five pointed star in white.
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