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Secretary :
(i) Show a general knowledge of administration of the Bharat Scouts and Guides at group and district levels: know the terms of reference of Court of Honour and Patrol-in- Council.
(ii) In the presence of the examiner, either (a) write in a good, legible hand 250 words of cross of (b) type 100 words with not more than 5 mistakes and show how to clean the machine and replace the ribbon.
(iii) Show an understanding of committee procedures including ability to prepare an agenda and take minutes.
(iv) Have a general knowledge of the financial structure of a Guide Company, prepare simple receipt and Payment account for a Company of Patrol: know how a personal Bank Account is operated.
(v) Write a letter on subject chosen by the Examiner: draft wording for an invitation card addressed to members or the public in connection with a Group, Company or Patrol event.
(vi) Prepare a press release on the subject of a group event or write and article for Guide magazine reporting a Company, Group or District event.
(vii) Carry out the duties of Secretary of your Patrol, Court of Honour or some other committee, not necessarily concerned with Guiding for a period of three months to the satisfaction of the Guide Captain or the Chairman
of the committee concerned.

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