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Rescuer :
(i) Pass or have passed the Swimmer Badge.
(ii) Must swim 45-7 meters in clothes (any stroke) Clothes should consist of usually worn.
(iii) Must perform in the water two methods of life Saving release. These may be chosen by the candidate.
(iv) Must be able to float motionlessly (in any horizontal Position) for thirty seconds.
(v) Must Swim 45.7 meters showing a good breast stroke and two strokes to be chosen by the candidate, (if side stroke is chosen the top arm must be brought out of the water).
(vi) Must pick up a brick from the bottom of the bath at a depth of not less than 1.5 m. (The brick may be wrapped in cloth).
(vii) Must know one accepted method of resuscitation and the treatment of the apparently drowned.
(viii) Throw a lifeline to reach at least 10 meters.
(ix) Demonstrate at least two types of Carrying of casualties.

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