Ranger Team

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A girl whether previously a Guide or not and who is a citizen of India and who has completed 15 years of age may be enlisted as a Ranger Aspirant, a person who has completed 25 years of age is not eligible to be a Ranger but she can continue as a Service Ranger up to the age of 35 years. Wherever it is necessary, extension be allowed for 3 years with the special permission of the State Chief Commissioner. She will be eligible for Rashtrapati Ranger Award provided
the special permission is granted before completion of 25 years of age and the same shall be reported to the National Headquarters.
2. Ranger Team :
(i) A Ranger Team shall consist of not less than six and not more than twenty four Rangers.
(ii) A Ranger Team shall be a unit of group of Bulbul Flock, Guide Company and Ranger Team provided however,
where there is no such group the Ranger Team shall be treated as a Group.
(iii) Every Ranger Team shall be registered in accordance with the procedure laid down in this behalf.
(iv) Every Ranger Team shall have a name, where the Ranger Team is a unit of Group; it shall bear the name of the Group. The Group may be named after the locality or the institution or any great Personalities (Female) of India. Every Group shall have a serial number assigned by the Local or the District Association as the case may be.
3. The Ranger Leader and the Assistant Ranger Leader :
(i) There shall be Ranger Leader for each Ranger Team. There may be one or more Assistant Leaders for a Ranger Team at the rate of one Assistant Ranger Leader for each six Rangers.
(ii) The Ranger Leader and Assistant Ranger Leader shall be appointed by the State Chief Commissioner in consultation with the concerned State Commissioner on the recommendation of the Local or the District Association, as the case may be, and the concerned District Commissioner. On appointment the Ranger Leader and the Assistant Ranger Leader shall be issue each with a Warrant.
(iii) The Ranger Leader and the Assistant Ranger Leader shall function subject to the general supervision of the Group Leader where there is a Group; the Ranger Leader shall be in general in charge of the affairs of the Ranger Team. She will, however, delegate matters of discipline, administration and finance of the Ranger Team to the Team Council. The Assistant Ranger Leader shall assist the Ranger Leader.

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